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The Arkansas Plant Health Clinic

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What's wrong with my plant?

If you have questions about the damage to or symptoms of your plants, our plant health clinic can help.

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Arkansas Plant Health Clinic, located in Fayetteville, Ark., is supported by the Cooperative Extension Service, (CES), as part of the Division of Agriculture. The clinic serves Arkansas growers, homeowners and nurserymen who have plant disease problems or other plant health issues.

Notice:  Per CDC guidelines and at the direction of the Extension state office, we will be telecommuting for the next two weeks instead of being physically in the lab.  We will still be answering emails and phone calls during regular business hours of 8:00am-4:30 pm.  We will still be diagnosing digital samples, but we rely on high quality images for a proper diagnosis.  

Image of a Sherri Smith looking into a microscopeHow the diagnosis process works

Samples are submitted through county offices, and by walk-in at the Clinic in Fayetteville. All samples are entered into the Plant Health Clinic's Distance Diagnostics through Digital Imaging database. 

DDDI samples are archived for documentation of individual activity, for later retrieval if necessary and for educational use.

Currently, Sherrie Smith, (pictured to the right at the Little Rock Flower and Garden show) serves as Plant Pathologist/Instructor and diagnostician. Smith began her career at the Plant Health Clinic in January 2006 after completing her M.S. degree in plant pathology at the University of Arkansas. The clinic is under the direction of Interim Department Head of Plant Pathology and Entomology Ken Korth. The clinic also has a portable lab that Sherrie Smith takes to field days, flower and garden shows, and Master Gardener events.

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