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Arkansas Master Gardener Program Management Guide 

The MG Program Management Guide is a resource for new and seasoned Master Gardener Programs.  Included in guide is information on MG policies, program structure, training information and project guidelines.  It is a good idea to print these guidelines and keep in your county office.  As new policies are formed, they are updated on this page.  Below are the various sections of the Arkansas Master Gardener Program Management Guide.    

                           A drawing of a shade tree with the words Master Gardener and U of A Division of Agriculture Research and Extension underneath the tree                                       

Table of Contents 

Front Cover


     Definition of Program - pg 1
     Objectives of the Master Guidelines Program -pg 1
     Needs Assessment - pg 2
     Policies - pg 3-8                                                                   ie: Active, Sustainer& Leave of Absence info      Management of the Master Gardener Program -pg 9

Basic Structure 

     Monthly Meetings
     Activity Insurance
     Dues and Fundraising
     Time Recording
          Master Gardener Time Chart (Form)
     Support Materials
        Master Gardener Sign Request (Form)

The Master Gardener Network 

     Horticulture Specialists
     Other Extension Specialists


     Training Timeline
     Training Schedule
         Master Gardener Scheduling (Form)
     Publicizing the Training
     Interviewing Applicants
          Master Gardener Application (Form)
          Master Gardener Sample Interview Questions (Form)
          Master Gardener Interview Evaluation (Form)
     The Master Gardener Commitment
          University of Arkansas Master Gardener Volunteer Agreement and
         Expectations (Form)
     Physical Surroundings
     Evaluating the Training
         Master Gardener Training Evaluation (Form)

Recruitment and Retention of Volunteers


Project Guidelines and Proposals 

     Project Guidelines
          Master Gardener Project Proposal (Form)
          Master Gardener Project Evaluation (Form)

Newsletters, Logos, and Material Presented to the Public 

     The Promotion and Public Relations
     The Master Gardener Logo

Report and Evaluation