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County 76 Project Reports

County 76 President

Advanced Training Project – Darlene O’Connor, Chairperson

  • Evaluated the upcoming advanced trainings for 2016
  • Discussed the pros and cons of having more than one class in a given month
  • October 21, 2016, Greene County, “Masters of Monarchs”

We have a “save-the-date” from Montgomery County for July 22, 2017, in which they will provide a Train-the-Trainer session teaching counties how to provide a five-day in-house training course on how to replicate “Tasty Acre,” the completely organic garden.  It includes a set of all the participant workbook materials, facilitator guide, and a 100+ slide PowerPoint for each participant in the Advanced Training day.

RRR Project

Plans are underway for the upcoming Annuals to Perennials programs for the newest Master Gardeners.  The programs will be held at four locations around the state to make it accessible to each new Master Gardener and his/her mentor.

El Dorado, Clarksville, Little Rock, and Batesville are the chosen locations for the programs.  Janet Carson and her counterpart from Mississippi, Lelia Kelly, will speak to our “annuals,” educating and encouraging them to become “perennial” Master Gardeners.  These programs are only open to Master Gardeners who finished their basic introductory training between June 1, 2015, and May 31, 2016.  Each “annual” (newest member) is encouraged to invite his or her mentor to participate in the program.  Mentors may not attend alone.

RRR asks that other County 76 members be available to help implement our plans at the closest location.  Look for details and the registration form being sent out through Constant Contact.

PNG Leadership  Project Report:

Our PNG Project discussed the details for the September 26-27 Leadership conference.

  1. Created a detailed agenda for PNG Leadership conference.
  2. Signed up for various duties at the PNG Leadership Conference
  • Facilitation
  • Hospitality
  • Registration
  1. Discussed and assigned sub-committees to
  • recommend table topics at meals
  • decide hospitality duties
  • choose food menu


Communications Project Report, Glenda Bell and Kim Hughes, co-chairs:

I.  2016 Master Gardener Calendar

A.  The 2016 MG Calendar was so popular that it completely sold out.

B.  Please observe the strict guidelines for submitting photos:

  • Photos only taken in Arkansas, .jpg stipulation, size constraints, submission requirements, one photo per season per entrant (see article in this newsletter)
  • June 1 is the deadline for all photos

II.  County contact list has been entered into the MG Only site and continues to be updated.  (This is an entire committee effort.)

III.  Speakers Bureau list continues to be refined and grows. Kim Hughes requests that each county send a list of their 2015 and 2016 program speakers and topics.

IV.   Garden Voice

  1. Co-editors Leslye Buol and Grazzie Warbritton are working together to learn the WordPress system
  2. Need articles to be sent by small and large counties about what is the current focus of that county. Don’t worry about writing; they will edit and get it to publisher—just need your descriptions of what is happening in your county.


Silent Auction (State conference)

  1. Several carloads of donations were brought to the Quarter 2 meeting. Others can be brought to the State conference.  Examples of donations include plants, gift certificates, books, art, bird houses, bat houses, unique cooking utensils, anything unique that is garden related, anything unique that is not garden related that would make a joyous gift for oneself or a friend
  2. Will be held only the afternoon of day one of the conference.
  3. Helpers needed. Please sign the signup sheet for jobs.
  4. Minimum purchase price is $5.00.


Fund Raiser Committee

  1. Twelve sales events the past three months earned $5,000
  2. Quarter 3 (2015) there were five fund-raising events earning $2,000
  3. New sales articles include plant labels, tote bags, gloves, hoes