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Letter from the County 76 PresidentCounty 76 President

It’s hard to believe that we are already well into the year of 2016.  What a beautiful spring we have witnessed with all the plants appearing appreciative of our mild winter. As I am sure it is for you, it is hard for me to stay indoors when the outdoor “chores” are calling me.  Besides our gardens, our Master Gardener projects, Master Gardener training, Master Gardener programs, and Master Gardener plant sales, many of us also have those special baseball or soccer games to attend to watch our grandchildren “play ball.”  Spring is truly a beautiful but busy time of the year.

With all that said, please take time to look at the many splendid articles in this edition of the Garden Voice.  Your County 76 Projects are active, and many activities and events are planned for the year.  The Training Project is helping assure that several Advanced Training programs will be offered (two of which have already occurred).  PNG is well on its way to finalizing the program for this year’s PNG Leadership Conference (September 26-27 at Ferndale).  The Communications Project is providing this wonderful newsletter, updating resource information on the website and collecting photos for the MG calendar photo contest. The RRR Project is busy organizing our first “Annuals to Perennials” Event for new members and their mentors.  The County 76 Fundraising Project members have already been participating in many of the events throughout the state and are scheduled to sell their famous items (ProHoes, gloves, etc.) at many other 2016 events.

Even though many wonderful things are going on in the MG world, we have also been saddened by the passing of some of our wonderful County 76 current and past members the last few months, i.e., Leroy Fry (River Valley), Ron Robinette (Pulaski County), and Janie Turner (Garland County).  They were each such a blessing to the many lives they touched and will be missed.

Hope all of you are taking time for yourself to enjoy the beauty around you,

Jane Burrow