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It's All About the Food

It's all about the food

Montgomery County Master Gardener Pat Smith’s power is her ability to weave together a story about wanting to help economically disadvantaged folks in her community combined with a personal quest to find the causes and treatments for her type-two diabetes.

In the process she’ll take you from Mount Ida to Austin, and from the family farm of her own childhood to the food mega-industry of the present.

In America today we face a paradox: we’ve never had more food at our disposal, but we’ve also never had worse nutrition habits. The problem, says Pat, lies in the way that food is grown, processed, and marketed. The truth is that our food is literally making us sick. Pat Smith started out on a personal journey and ended up as a major public advocate for better food, better nutrition, and better eating. When it comes to diet and nutrition, her message is simple: It’s All About the Food.

Through a combination of in-depth research, folksy wisdom, and practical advice, she makes navigating the contemporary food scene utterly workable for the average individual or family. This book is more than just a means to better nutrition. It could actually save your life. In It’s All About the Food, Pat will invite you to undergo a true paradigm shift—embracing a new perspective on the importance of diet and health. As she points out, a diet should not be seen as a temporary weight loss regimen. Instead, a diet is simply the way we should be eating all the time. This doesn’t mean we have to stop eating good food. Just the opposite. It actually means we can start eating better food. And that has to start first with education, so that it can lead to the right kinds of choices and the right kinds of daily habits.

All proceeds from the sale of It’s All About the Food are donated to the Montgomery County Food Pantry chaired by Pat Smith.