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Arkansas Advanced Master Gardener Program

Counties are looking for retention tools for their programs to keep members interested.  As members remain in the program, many are interested in obtaining more in-depth knowledge about specific topics and in obtaining an advanced level of certification.  To provide such opportunities, the Advanced Master Gardener Training Program was developed.  To be eligible to attend an Advanced Master Gardener Class, you must be an active MG, in good standing in your county program and be a Master Gardener for three years or more (calendar year used). More and more Master Gardeners are eligible for the program each year and are asking for advanced courses.  

Upcoming Advanced Master Gardener Classes

Lonoke County - October 25 & 26, 2019 (select either Friday or Saturday)
Topic:  Making Salad Tables   Class is FULL for both dates


County 76 Advanced Training Project is sponsoring classes for the Fall of 2019.  Participation will provide you a variety of information to apply in your home/garden, local Master Gardener program, and your community.  All are . reasonably priced. 

Specific class information will always be on the MG ONLY portion of our website. 

Advanced MG Class Registration Information will be posted when it becomes available.

Pope Co. AT Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening

Caption:  Master Gardeners visiting a project maintained by Pope Co. MGs  in downtown Russelville, during the AT Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening Class. 

 Master Gardeners have the opportunity to reach five levels in the Advanced Master Gardener Program: 

Level 1 - Complete 5 advanced training classes.

Level  2 - Complete an additional 8 advanced classes (for a total of 13 completed advanced classes).

Level 3 – Complete an additional 10 classes after completing Level 2 (for a total of 23 completed advanced classes), plus write an article for a county newsletter, the Garden Voice Newsletter, or other publication OR give a presentation at a regular Master Gardener Meeting or public workshop. The presentation or written article can be done at any time between completion of levels 2 and 3.  The presentation or written article is to be verified by the county agent, scanned and emailed to to the Attention of the Advanced Training Project.   Level 3 Verification Sheet 

Level 4 -  Criteria for Level 4 Advanced Master Gardener click here 

Level 5 -  Criteria for Level 5 Advanced Master Gardener   Click here

Photo of pink and orange flowering lantana

General Information

The Master Gardener Program has been in existence in Arkansas since 1988. Counties are looking for retention tools for their programs to keep members interested. As members remain in the program, many are interested in obtaining more in depth knowledge about specific topics, and in obtaining an advanced level of certification. Learn more

Photo of eggplant, squash and tomato

Topics for Classes

Below is a compiled list of popular topics for future Advanced Master Gardener Classes.  This list is from participants of previous advanced class evaluations and is a suggestion of topics for counties that would like to host a class. 

Topic List for Classes