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Sugar Maple

September 9, 2017



We live in Cabot and planted two Sugar Maple trees several years ago.  They have done fine until now.  Last week the leaves of one of them suddenly turned brown and the tree died.  This week the other one did the same thing.  There was no warning of any kind.  They did not seem to be in any distress before they died.  They are planted in full sun and we water them regularly.  Any idea what could have caused this?  


When the leaves turned brown did they drop or remain attached to the tree? If they defoliated early they may still be alive and will come back next spring.  Did you spray anything in the yard for weeds, diseases, and insects?  Any fertilization?  When they began growing this spring did they have a full set of leaves?  One thing to look for is any toothpick like protrusions on the trunk of the tree which could be caused by ambrosia beetles which can kill otherwise seemingly healthy trees.  Serious attacks that result in tree death usually occur during the leafing-out stage, but we can have more than one generation of them per year. Infested wood is distinctly dis colored and may have a foul odor. 


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