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September 2012

QuestionWe have a Magnolia tree with a sucker/shoot at the base. We've had these before, but this one is a foot tall and has its own leaves. Can it be cut and rooted?


AnswerYou can root it, but it will be a slow process. What you may want to do instead, is lay it down and cover a portion of it with soil. This is a propagation method called layering. It will root while it is attached to the mother plant, and you can cut it off and replant next spring.

June 2012

QuestionIs it possible to take cuttings from a hydrangea and start new in another location? I want to bring some memories of a loved one to my home.


AnswerHydrangeas root quite easily. Make sure there are no flowers on the cuttings you are trying to root, but take tip cuttings no more than 3-4 inches in length and put them in moist, sterile potting soil. I like to root inside a large plastic bag, so the humidity stays high, but if you do this, make sure they are not getting any direct sunlight. If you know the person who has the original plant, another easy method is to layer a low branch of the plant in the soil. This method allows the plant to root while it is still attached. Once roots have formed, you can cut and replant.


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