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(February 2012)

QuestionWith the warm weather, we have healthy winter weeds and tops of tender bulbs and other perennials coming up. Is there a herbicide that will kill the weeds and not hurt the perennials?


AnswerAnything that will kill the broadleaf weeds will also kill or damage your emerging perennials and bulbs, so either use a hoe, or spot spray, making sure there is no contact between herbicide and desirable plants.  Round-up or a glyphosate product will work, if you can shield the desirable plants.  I prefer the hoe or hand pulling to avoid damage.

QuestionWhat can I spray in my iris bed to get the grass out? What can I use in other flower beds to control grass and/or weeds ? How do I determine what it can''t be sprayed on?


AnswerYou can spray a grass specific herbicide such as Vantage, Grass-b-gone, Ornamec or etc. This should be used earlier in the season as the grasses begin establishing themselves. While these products do come with a list of plants that have been tested for their use, there is no way they could test the product on every ornamental plant available. therefore, for any plants not listed on the label, do a small test plot first, before randomly applying it.


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