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Wildlife in the Garden

Photo of two deer in a yard.
DEER -- These two deer are enjoying a nice snack in a yard near Mt. Nebo, Arkansas. (Image courtesy Janet Carson.) 

Gardening can be challenging since we have to deal with the weather—too hot, too dry, too wet or too cold, but even when we seem to get our garden just where we want it, unwanted animals may arrive and eat your produce before you do.  Animal pest problems continue to grow each season, prompting many normally meek gardeners to search for extreme measures to rid their yards and gardens of these pests.

In the past, wildlife was limited to more rural areas, and animals could be easily frightened with loud noises, human hair or other signs of human life.  Unfortunately today the urban/rural interface is getting blended, as neighborhoods are constructed into once wooded lands. Conservation practices have also resulted in larger populations. Loud noises, highway sounds and human smells have become a fact of life for even the wildest creatures.  Deer have become commonplace in upscale neighborhoods well within city limits.  Armadillos wreak havoc every evening in some yards, and groundhogs burrow in gardens and eat everything in sight.   What is the solution?  In the links below you will find a few solutions to the issue of wildlife in the garden.