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Arkansas Home Landscape

Nicely landscaped house with a sidewalk
Example of a Well-Designed Arkansas Shade Landscape

The landscape of your home encompasses the shrubs and trees, but also the annuals, perennials, groundcovers and vines.  Your lawn showcases what you plant.  A landscape also includes sidewalks, lighting, irrigation, decks and patios--it is the whole package.

Remember, the foundation to your landscape is the soil, so plan from the ground up.  Planning is key to a successful design.  Make sure you can maintain what you plant.  Know the requirements of the plants you grow--do they need sun or shade, a lot of moisture or dry conditions?  Are they prone to insects or diseases.  Do a little homework.

Know when your plant blooms and if it needs pruning.  Knowing when  and how that should be done is important.   A pretty yard just doesn't happen, but by choosing the right plant for the right location, low maintenance and beautiful is possible.




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Trees are a valuable asset to shade our homes.  Choose the right tree and know how to maintain it properly.

Which tree is right?