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Home Garden Fruit Trees in Arkansas

Fruit trees can be a valuable addition to the home garden. Fruit trees may be grown in a selected area of your property or may be used in landscape design. They can provide shade and color at certain times of the year. Also, home-grown tree fruit can be more flavorful and tasty than what is available at the grocery store.

However, careful planning, preparation, and care of the trees are critical for success. Attention must be given to site selection, variety selection, rootstock selection, weed control, irrigation, fertilization, and pest management. It is better to have a smaller number of fruit trees in the home garden that are well-managed than to have more fruit trees that don't receive the required inputs.

Recommended tree fruits for production in Arkansas home gardens are:

Apple Tree Fruit | Fruits & Nuts | Yard & Garden | Arkansas Extensionapples

Pear Tree Fruit | Fruits & Nuts | Yard & Garden | Arkansas Extensionpears

The stone fruits (peaches, nectarines, and plums) are more difficult to grow in the home garden due to their pest susceptibility.