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Home Garden Berries in Arkansas

Growing small fruit crops in the home garden can be a pleasurable and rewarding experience.

Arkansas Fruit and Nut News | Dr. Donn JohnsonSmall fruits can be grown in a selected garden area or used in landscape design to add an aesthetic touch while producing flavorful and nutritious fruit. Most small fruit crops require a minimum amount of space for planting compared to the quantity of fruit produced. In addition, many small fruit crops will begin producing fruit one or two years after planting.

Home fruit growers should be aware of potential problems that can occur with small fruit crops. Fruit diseases, insect pests, birds, and weather extremes can cause losses and reduce fruit quality. Success with small fruit crops in the home garden will depend on the attention given to all phases of production including variety selection, soil management, fertilization, pruning, and pest control.

See our Arkansas Small Fruit Management Schedule for more information.

It is important to plant only what you can care for properly. A small, well-tended planting is better and will produce more fruit of higher quality than a large neglected planting.

The small fruit crops recommended for home fruit production in Arkansas are blackberry, blueberry, grape, muscadine, raspberry, and strawberry.

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