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Who We Are: PSD Faculty and Staff

 Who you gonna call?

Image of Karen Ballard, Professor in the Program and Staff Development Department

Karen Ballard, MSW, Ed.D.

Professor - Program Evaluation

  • Evaluation Consultation & Training
  • Survey Design & Management
  • Strategic Planning & Project Management
  • Virtual Field Trip Production

Contact Information: 
(501) 671-2218

Diedre sitting at her desk

Diedre Young, MAT

Soybean Science Challenge Coordinator

Contact Information: 
(501) 671-2309


Photo of Armenta Lockhart, Instructional Design Specialist in the Program and Staff Development Department

Armenta Lockhart, M.A.

Instructional Design Specialist

  • Online curriculum development
  • Online course instructor support

Contact Information: 
(501) 671-5805

Photo of Gretchen Skinner, In-Service Training & Distance Education Manager

Gretchen Skinner,
M.A. (IT Department)

In-Service Training and
Distance Education Manager

  • Administration and management of the web-based Extension training system ( and the web-based public courses system (
  • Coordination of the in-service training review and approval process
  • Teaching and technical assistance support for online course development and instruction
  • Online forms and databases

Contact Information: 
(501) 671-2130


Diane Mashburn, Program and Staff Development

Diane Mashburn, M.Sc.

Instructor - Program Planning, Evaluation and Accountability

  • Faculty Consultation and Training related to Program Planning, Evaluation and Accountability
  • Extension Plan of Work Development
  • Administration and Management of the Extension Accountability System (AIMS) 
  • USDA NIFA Plan of Work and Annual Report Processes

Contact Information: 
(501) 671-2351

Julie Robinson, PhD

Julie Robinson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor - Instructional Design 

  • Faculty Consultation and Training
  • Online Curriculum Development 
  • Educational Product Planning and Evaluation 
  • Soybean Science Challenge PI
  • VIrtual & Webinar Production

Contact Information: 
(501) 671-2082


Photo of Lynn Wilson in Program and Staff Development

Lynn Wilson, Ph.D.

Professional Assistant II 

  • Soybean Science Challenge Project Coordinator

Contact Information: 
(501) 671-2309



University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture
Program and Staff Development

Cooperative Extension Service
2301 South University Avenue
Room 103
Little Rock, Arkansas 72204

Contact us at: Phone - 501-671-2086 or Fax - 501-671-2056



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