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Worksheets and IRB

Get connected to the evaluation planning tools and Institutional Review Board (IRB) resources you need 24/7/365.

Program Evaluation Planning Worksheets

  • Planning a Program Evaluation Worksheet (PDF)This worksheet provides a series of key questions that supports the development of an evaluation plan (i.e. key questions, data sources, methods, data collection & analysis). 
  • Evaluation Management Plan Worksheet (PDF)This worksheet provides an operational planning template for the identification of short, medium and long-term outcome indicators, methods of collection and persons responsible.
  • Evaluation Inventory Worksheet (PDF)This worksheet provides a self-assessment for key evaluation planning and implementation steps and a template for identification of what stakeholders want to know.
  • Getting to Indicators Worksheet (PDF)This one-page worksheet provides a template for identification of key outcomes and the corresponding indicators for each group of outcomes.


Institutional Review Board (IRB) Procedures and Forms


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