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We offer both secured and unsecured wireless internet access through our wireless system. The brief descriptions below will help you determine the appropriate option for your work or meeting/training needs.

- Secured wireless network.
  • Employees should use this network whenever possible. 
  • It is on the inside (LRSO side) of our firewall, offering protection for internet threats. 
  • This network will allow access to the LRSO network resources, such as printers and the file server, as well as our public websites.
  • All CES employees will have access with their Active Directory UserID and Password. 
  • Once logged into the system, future Wi-Fi connections will occur automatically until the AD password changes (then you will be required to enter your new password).

LRSO_GUEST - Unsecured wireless network.

  • Allows for web traffic only, outside the firewall.
  • Users will not have access to any internal resources and/or websites.
  • It is used for contractors, external event participants, guest, etc. 
  • It will require the user to enter their email address and to read and accept the Acceptable Use Policy. 
  • Future connections will not be automatic. You will be required to go through the acceptance and email entry each time.
LRSO_TRAINING - Secured wireless network.
  • Allows for web traffic only, both inside and outside the firewall.
  • It is used for special training\meeting sessions that require users to have access to our "internal" websites.
  • This network will require authentication. You can request the key from the front desk or by clicking here (AD login required).
  • The key will be changed every 90 days.


LRSO_WIFI Setup for Windows 7

If you encounter the following error - Windows 10 can’t connect to this network - try clearing your known networks. For instructions, click here.
If you have any questions or problems with setting up your wireless devices, please contact the Call Center at 501-2255 or 1-866-779-3375 or