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Windows 10 Upgrade Information

Windows 10 Upgrade Information and picture
We’ve worked with a significant number of users in the county offices and state office for several months, upgrading to Windows 10, in an effort to be prepared for what the larger organization will experience.  Testing of our applications with the operating system is complete and appears to be working appropriately. Additionally we wanted to be sure Windows 10 was stable since it’s a new product.

  • Why upgrade?

    Microsoft re-engineered Windows 10 to make it more secure.  Daily we see examples where the security of our systems is increasingly under threat.  Adopting their newest product ensures we have the best protection possible.

    It’s also free through July.  It’s a significant savings to the organization to leverage this offer.

    Many of the issues with Windows 8.0 and 8.1 have been addressed in Windows 10 providing an easier to use start menu and navigation.

  • Is my system ready to upgrade?

    For Little Rock State Office employees, the process is slightly different.  A manual step is required which involves the Call Center.  LRSO users please contact the Call Center to schedule a time to begin the process.  The following instructions are specific to county office locations.  However, LRSO personnel may find the information and tips helpful.

    County Office Instructions:

    First make sure your computer is backed up to Carbonite.  If you’re unsure contact the Call Center to verify it’s being backed-up properly.

    Windows 10 has a good record of not losing any files during the update process.  This is just a precautionary step before you begin.

    The Call Center recommends allowing approximately one and a half hours for the process to complete.  It may run faster or it may run slower.  There are a number of factors which contribute to the length of time the process takes.

    Click on the symbol at the bottom of your screen or follow the link in the next section to begin the process.  Instructions on the screen will guide you through the process.  If you’re uncomfortable performing the upgrade on your own, schedule a time through the Call Center for assistance.

  • How do I get the software?

    Microsoft may have downloaded Windows 10 to your systems but it hasn’t been installed (unless you specifically requested the update).  If you see the following icon at the bottom of your screen, the software has been downloaded and the Windows 10 upgrade is ready to begin.

    Windows 10 icon    If you don’t see this symbol, click here to reach the download site.

  • Tips
    • Don’t update everyone’s computer at the same time.  You may have several hours when your computers are unusable during the update process.
    • We recommend updating one computer in the office and ensuring you can print and connect to the Internet and your office network before proceeding to the next computer.  Each computer is slightly different, however the overall experience should be similar in your office.
    • Windows 10 allows you to stop and back-out of the process if necessary.
    • If you get stuck or don’t know the answer to a question, contact the Call Center.  You get slightly faster response by sending an e-mail to
    • If you would like Call Center assistance throughout the upgrade process, just send them an e-mail message to setup a time to begin the process.
    • If your computer hasn’t been updating Windows 7 automatically, this will also need to occur before starting the upgrade process.  The Call Center can assist with this process.
    • Pick a target time to upgrade now, even if it will be weeks or months away.  We have almost five months to complete this process but the time will pass quickly.  We need to spread the updates across that time period versus everyone waiting until June or July to update.
    • If you’re getting a new computer before the end of July, Windows 10 should come preloaded on it.  If you want to upgrade now, you may or you can wait on the new computer if you choose to do so.
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