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Social Media Accessibility

Extension agents and specialists use the power of social media to reach Arkansans daily. We want to ensure that all Arkansans have an equal opportunity to access our shared stories, resources, tips and information.

Government social media accessibility

Improving accessibility of social media in government

Facebook and Accessibility

  • facebook iconGeneral Tips for Facebook - General Account Information

    • Ensure your website address is listed in the “About” section of your Timeline/Page. This way visitors can easily access our website which contains details about Extension.
    • Include other ways to contact your local county office or program area, such as your phone number with an extension,  or link to our online “Contact Us” form, or general contact email address for more information.

    Photos, Video, and Audio on Facebook

    • Provide a caption for any photos (either in posts or in albums) you post on your Facebook page.
    • When creating a new album, add captions to your photos by going to the edit input field associated with a photo. Enter caption text. Repeat this step for all photos in the album.
    • If the photo/video/audio is on your website you can provide a link back to our uaex website or Flickr album that hosts a copy of the photo, video, or audio with full caption/transcript.
    • After posting the photo, video, or audio, immediately post a comment that directs users to the full caption or the full transcript.
    • If you post YouTube videos, upload your video to our channel (contact Kerry for this) and make sure you enable closed-captions (you’ll want to upload your own transcript to make sure the captions are accurate). Then post a link to your YouTube video as your status update, rather than uploading the video into Facebook. This will ensure that visitors will be taken to your accessible version on YouTube.

    Federal Government regulations

    Explore the tips and resources straight from the federal government on how to make Facebook more accessible

  • Facebook accessibility guidelines

Twitter and Accessibility

  • twitter iconImages in TwitterAdding images in Twitter drives engagement up by 313 percent! We want to make sure everyone can experience these images from our agents and specialists. Explore how to add image descriptions in Twitter.

    Take a bit of time to learn more about their rules by reading Twitter's blog entry about accessibility.


Instagram and Accessibility

  • Images in Instagram

    Ensure you add descriptive text to the images and videos you post. There is no character limit. So be descriptive, but also keep the message easy to understand and concise.

    To learn what it’s like for someone who is blind, you can watch a video of Tommy Edison and how he personally uses Instagram.