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Website Accessibility

The information found on this page and in our digital media accessibility help site will help you understand the need for accessibility as it relates to different program areas.

Web accessibility not only provides for visually impaired persons to have complete access to our web site, but provides equal opportunity to any persons with any type of disability to have full and complete access to the information our Extension professionals provide to citizens. Call us with questions! 

Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Global Accessibility Awareness Day is Thursday, May 16, 2019.  What can you do to make your website and documents more accessible? Check out these links for more information from SiteImprove:

Accessibility for MS Office - Tips to get you Started

Web Accessibility 101 Infographic

Web Accessibility Checklist

The Must-Have Accessibility Handbook 2019 Edition

A Day in the Life of Someone who is blind - an interesting perspective from visually impaired SiteImprove employees

If you'd like to experience what a screen reader sounds like check out this video:

accessibility for documents text with three icons beneath for Word PDF and Powerpoint

Making Documents Accessible

At Extension, we offer many of our resources in PDF, Word, or other files. Making sure those with disabilities can download them and access the information is crucial.

Make your documents accessible

accessibility for social media icon folder with film reel

Accessibility for Social Media

Extension specialists and agents use social media daily to connect with their audience. Certain steps can go a long way to making sure everyone can access the content on these social sharing platforms.

Get social and stay accessible

Accessibility for Links

Links and Accessibility

Links within website content need to be made accessible. We offer additional information about web accessibility, tools and steps to make it easy.

Make your links accessible

 Intermediate OU training on accessibility and H tags

Proper Use of H tags 

 How you structure the content on your page is key not only for readability but also to indicate to screen readers (and search engines) what is the most important (and second most important, etc.) part of your web page. 

The icon at left links to a training video about how we use H tags on the UAEX website.