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Network Files Access and Information (LRSO Only)

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A file server is a computer responsible for the central storage and management of data files so that other computers on the same network can access the files. A file server allows users to share information over a network without having to physically transfer files by external disk or some other external storage device. Users can also store files on it as if to their own hard drive. Files stored on a file server are protected from loss by regular backups.

If you have any questions or problems please contact the Call Center at 501-2255 or 1-866-779-3375 or

We currently offer several different servers for storing files. These servers are used for different applications.

Server and Drive Information:

T Drive: mapped to the shared files and folders on DataVol. Most people, based on their department or position, have some sort of access to at least one of these files and\or folders. If you have a need for a special shared folder, fill out the Shared Folders Request Form located below.

U Drive: mapped to the USER'S personal home directory. For security purposes, only the individual user can see what is in their U home drive. This folder is created automatically when the user account is created and cannot be shared with others.

S Drive: mapped to the secure files on the Cedar server. Note: Only accessible by certain groups and departments.

Q Drive: mapped to the horticulture files on the Daffodil server. Note: Only accessible by certain groups and departments.

W Drive: mapped to the Communication files on the Woodstock server. Note: Only accessible by certain groups and departments.

There may be additional mapped network drives for special access to other devices or servers.

Drives are mapped automatically when users login to the domain. If you are using a computer that is not on the domain, you will need to map the drives manually. Contact the call center for assistance.

Request access to existing Shared Files (online form)

Request a new Shared Folder (online form)

Restoring network files:

Shadow Copy is a feature running on the file servers that allows Windows users to restore network files and folders. Users can quickly and easily perform the recovery for recently deleted, overwritten or corrupted network files and folders. Instructions are located below.

Restoring Network Files and Folders - Windows

Restoring Network Files and Folders - Mac