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Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) - What is it?

A UPS is designed to keep your computer running long enough to allow you to shut it down.  That’s only a minute or two. Your first action would be to save any open work and then power down immediately.

In the case of a generator test, the UPS will keep your computer running until the generator is online.  Past tests have taken between 8 to 13 seconds for the transition to occur.

First decide if you need a UPS.  Discuss it with your management.  Then order one if you feel you need one.

If you’re constantly working on time sensitive tasks with hard deadlines, such as payroll, or news and publication deadlines you may want to consider the added protection a UPS provides to ensure you meet those deadlines.

The Call Center recommends either the:

  • APC® Back-UPS® ES 350VA Battery Backup - $40 (approx)
    (6 outlet - 3 battery backup and 3 surge protected only)

  • CyberPower CP550SLG UPS Standy Series - $58 (approx)
    (8 outlet - 4 battery backup and 4 surge protected only)
Both are available through the Goddess portal from Office Depot.