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What is Monsido?

Monsido is a third-party software solution to help monitor the Extension web site for several different items.  The software can provide information on analytics (page views, visitors and traffic sources); quality assurance (broken links, misspellings) and accessibility (the ease with which a visually impaired person can access our site).  All of these components work together to ensure that Cooperative Extension is providing the best information in a quality format to the users of our website.  

  • How do I login to Monsido?
    1. Go to
    2. Select the Sign in link.
    3. Login with your email address and your Active Directory password.  
    4. From the list of available groups, select the appropriate group name.  All Monsido users should be a member of a specific group related to pages on the website.  A partial group name can also be entered in the search box.
    5. Additional information on specific menu items can be found in this document.  For assistance with login issues, or to be setup as a user, please email
  • Accessing data for a particular group


    1. Login to Monsido using instructions in "How do I login t Monsido?"  

    No Group Selected

    Group Selection

    To access the group list, select the appropriate group from the group list on the page.  


    2.  Most sections of the website are grouped together for reporting purposes. Each county office is a group, and most department pages are set up as a group.  Once a group is selected, the current data for this group is displayed in a dashboard setting with live links for additional information.

    3. For assistance with setting up a new group or accessing a current group, please email

  • How to run a single Analytics (Statistics) Report


    Group statistics

    1.  Go to and log in with email address and Active Directory password.

    2. At the home screen, search for a part of the appropriate group name.

    3.  Select the appropriate group by selecting the linked group name.

    4.  Once the appropriate group is selected, select "Statistics" at the top of the screen.

    5.  On the statistics page, select the calendar icon to set the date needed and select “Apply.”

    6.  The Statistics screen should then be displayed, which allows the user to ‘drill down’ into specific areas. For example, to see additional visitor information, select the link for “Visitor Overview.”  Additional information is available for each of the statistical areas:  Visitor Overview, Most Visited Pages and Traffic Sources.

    It is important to note that reports cannot be sent for Analytics (Statistics).  Statistical data must be viewed via the Monsido program.

    Download these instructions in PDF format.



     For assistance with Monsido reports, please email


  • Receiving monthly reports via email
     To receive monthly reports via email, please send your request to  Remember to check the CLUTTER folder in Outlook as sometimes Monsido reports are directed there.
  • Correcting Quality Assurance issues in Monsido
    For more information, see these instructions on how to correct Quality Assurance issues, specifically in county groups.


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