UACES Facebook Mobile Training Lab & Loaner Laptop Info

Mobile Training Lab & Loaner Laptop Info

The Mobile Training Lab (MTL) is a collection of cases containing 5 to 6 laptops each. These laptops can be used for all types of events and\or programs. You can reserve multiple cases (as available) giving you the amount of laptops needed. Along with the cases of multiple laptops, we also have single (Loaner) laptops. These can be used by individuals for various reasons.

Please refer to the list below to choose what you want to reserve. Once you decide which case, cases, or loaners you want, you will need to fill out the request form to reserve them (link below). It isn’t necessary to confirm that the items are available for your time frame, but if you would like to check you can refer to the MTL calendar (link below). Once the request is received, you will be notified if they are available and your reservation will be confirmed.

You will be required to sign for all items when they are checked out. The items will need to be returned by the confirmed check-in time so they will be available for other functions. If any items are missing the replacement cost for those items will be charged to your fund/org.

Note: If you intend to use a projector with the laptop, choose one with a VGA port. If the projector supports HDMI, then you can use any of the laptops. If you need more "projector" laptops than available, we can provide HDMI to VGA adapters. Just be aware that using an adapter may affect the quality of the projected image.

All laptops have Windows 10, Microsoft Office 2016, Adobe Reader, and the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and IE.
Important Note: If any other specialty software is required for your event, you will need to make prior arrangements to have it installed before the checkout date.

         MTL Request Link Button                 MTL Calendar Link Button

Items available:

Case # # of Laptops Laptop Models
1 6 Dell Inspiron 3558
2 5 Dell Inspiron 3558
3 5 Dell Inspiron 3558
4 6 Dell Inspiron 3558
5 5 Dell Latitude 3580
6 5 Dell Latitude 3580
Loaner # # of Laptops Models
1 1 Dell Latitude 3580
2 1 Dell Latitude 3580
3 1 Dell Latitude 3580
4 1 Dell Inspiron 3558

Specifications for the laptop models:

Model Memory HDD Video Ports Processor Purchase Date
Inspiron 3558 4.0 GB 500 GB HDMI Only i3 2.0 Ghz 2016
Latitude 3580 8.0 GB 500 GB VGA & HDMI i5 7th Gen 2.5 Ghz 2017

Other items available for checkout:

Cord Reels with 4 outlets


Surge power strips

Picture of cord reel and power strip

HDMI to VGA adapters

HDMI to VGA Adapter

Presenter Remotes


32" Display Monitor

Note: used for special
to display 
program information.

Samsung 32 inch TV picture


Projector Pictures

Specifications for the projectors:

Model Resolution Lumens Video Interfaces Video Modes Purchase Date
Epson LCD H620A (Large) 1920x1200 4400 VGA, HDMI, Composite Video 1080i, 1080p/60 2014
EPSON 3LCD 1795F (Midsize) 1920x1080 3200 VGA, HDMI, Composite Video 1080p 2018
Optoma LED LDMLUUZ (Mini) 1280x800 500 VGA, HDMI, composite video, S-Video 1080i 2016

         MTL Request Link Button                 MTL Calendar Link Button