UACES Facebook Arkansas Extension online forms and registration

Event registration and online payment forms  

Our goal as the CES Forms Team is to create online forms to gather the data you need to get your job done.  We are happy to work with all CES employees on a variety of event and online payment projects and truly, this is a team effort. We will be unable to create a successful form without your input and collaboration.

Not sure what kind of form to use? Download our forms decision guide!

In an effort to reduce confusion and streamline the forms process, we have created the following procedure and guidelines.

  1. We ask that individuals begin the process by filling out the form. 

    1. See “Lead time” note below.
    2. Be prepared with information about the form requirements and data you wish to collect.
    3. Be prepared with deadlines and dates associated with the form (when the form will close, etc.)
  2. Upon submitting your form request, please make sure you allocate time to answer any possible questions or make changes/additions to your form.

  3. If your form requires online payment, you MUST have the correct fund and org numbers. If you do not have this information, you should contact financial services before submitting the form. A designated ORG and FUND number will be needed before the form is created.  

  4. You will be required to test, submit and approve the final version of your form and registration report via email or in writing before the form is live.

Emails to the forms manager or any IT personnel requesting new or major updates to existing forms will be returned with a link to the above request form. This is necessary in order to ensure we maintain an organized queue of requests.

Lead time and turnaround

Due to the precision involved in creating successful online forms, the IT department requires no less than a 2 week turnaround for single page event registration and online payment forms.

Whenever possible, the forms team will work with you to achieve a successful end product and can be flexible if scheduling permits. However, less development time may result in a missed target launch date and fewer opportunities for quality assurance testing.

Third party online credit card processing systems*

The official online payment processing systems IT will work with are:

  1. Braintree

Third party event registration systems*

The official third party event registration systems supported by IT are:

  1. RegOnline >> see pricing
  2. RegPack >> $150.00 per project, two testing and editing opportunities before it incurs more cost.

*Other third party systems for online credit card or event registration are not supported.