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CES Computer Purchasing\Replacement Process

For Extension to stay compliant with State\Federal policies, as well as staying current with the latest technologies, the following computer purchasing, software installation, and computer end of life processes will be followed.

New computer purchases

Approved computer vendors:

  • Dell Premier
  • Microsoft Surface
  • MAC computers from Apple – MAC computers will only be approved in special use cases.
  • All other non-standard computer request must be pre-approved by the Director of IT. Once approved, the Call Center will provide the requested quote.

All computer quotes must go through Financial Services for purchasing. PCard purchases for computers is not allowed.

All computers will be shipped directly to the CES-Little Rock State Office (LRSO) or the Systems Office based on work location. Shipping directly to CES-LRSO will allow the Call Center techs to setup the computers with all required software and to ensure they are registered with our inventory system. Once the new computer has been delivered to the end-user and all data transferred, the old computer must be sent to the warehouse with a completed MISC-374D form.


Fill out the Computer Order Request form to request a new computer. You can access this form at the top of this page or any of the following locations:

Once completed, this form will be routed to the following:

  • Call Center – A service ticket will be generated, and a copy of that ticket will be sent to the requester/recipient.
  • Supervisor – A copy of the order request, as well as the completed eQuote, will be sent to the supervisor. No action is required on their part unless they want to delay or cancel the order. If so, they can send an email to the Call Center with further instructions.

A Call Center tech will contact you when completing the computer quote. This will ensure they quote what is appropriate for the type of use. The finished quote will list the appropriate shipping address based on what location you work from. Once the quote is completed, a copy will be sent to Susan James. She will file the quote until she receives the final approved order request from the call center at, which time, she will place the order. The final approved order request will contain all contact info, fund/org numbers, ticket number and quote number.


All new computer orders will now be shipped directly to the State Office in Little Rock or the Systems Office. Once the computer arrives at CES-LRSO, the Call Center will be sent a work order with the setup details for that computer.  An email will be generated and sent to the requester\recipient as a status update. If the Call Center has any questions or needs any further information they will contact the recipient.  After the computer is setup, you will be notified to either pick it up or you can request to have it shipped to you.

Software fee for new computers

New computer purchases will require a software fee. This fee covers the cost of the software that is required on all computers. The fee is currently set at $125.00 and will be modified as costs increase/decrease. Below is a list of the software applications covered by the fee:

  • Microsoft Office Professional 2016 (Windows and MAC)
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection Antivirus Software
  • Desktop Central Inventory & Software Management Application

The software fee will be charged to the fund/org that was used to purchase the computer.

Computers located on the Fayetteville campus will be charged an AES NETR fee rather than the CES Software fee. You can get more details here: LINK TO NETR FEE INFO

5 Year End-of-Life (EOL)

Computers, laptops and desktops, will be replaced every 5 years from ship date. Computers are purchased with a 3-year warranty which will cover any defective hardware replacement. After the 3-year warranty period, hardware issues will be evaluated to determine the cost of repair. If repair costs are more than 50% of the cost of a new computer, the defective computer will be disposed of and a new one will need to be purchased. It will be the responsibility of the ORG to find the funding for new computers and replacements as needed. All computers that are older than 5 years (from ship date), must be turned into the warehouse for disposal, they will no longer be supported.

Send old computers to the warehouse with a MISC-374D for disposal. The IT department will process the old computer and determine if it is end of life (EOL). If it is EOL the hard drive will be removed, and the computer will be sent to the warehouse for disposal. If not, it will be placed in our computer redistribution pool for use elsewhere. All removed hard drives are kept in a secure location and shredded on a yearly basis.

Exceptions to the 5-year EOL rule are listed below:

  1. Any device that is used strictly with research\testing\networking equipment.
  • Most times this equipment requires older equipment, connectors, operating systems, and software.
  • For security reasons, these devices should not be connected to the network\internet.
  • Suggested disposal date is 7 years past ship date.
  1. Tablet devices used with agriculture equipment.
  • Most times this equipment requires older equipment, connectors, operating systems, and software.
  • For security reasons, these devices should not be connected to the network\internet.
  • Suggested disposal date is 7 years past ship date.
  1. Server systems
  • Servers are purchased with top of the line components. Because of this, they can perform at top speeds with outstanding reliability for many years past warranty.
  • Suggested disposal date is 8 years past ship date.

Old computers will be identified in one of three methods:

  1. Reports will be run on a regular basis using our Desktop Central inventory application. Old computers will be identified, and the appropriate personnel will be contacted to fill out the computer order form.
  2. Users can visit the website, enter their service tag number, click on Warranty and add 5 years to either the ship date or start date, this will be the EOL date.
  3. The call center techs will check all computers before working on them. If the computer is older than 5-years, the owner will be notified that it must be turned into the warehouse for disposal. The techs will not be required to work on any EOL computer unless it meets one of the exceptions above.

Computer redistribution pool

All computers turned into the warehouse for disposal will be processed by the IT Dept. One step of the process is determining if the computer is EOL or has any major hardware issues. If not, the computer is retained and placed into our computer redistribution pool. Computers in this pool can be used to replace EOL computers when the ORG doesn’t have the funds available for replacement. This should be a last resort since most of the pool computers will not have much life left in them.