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Groups – Not to confuse the issue but there are two distinct types of groups, one for distribution lists (Contact List) and one for collaboration groups (Group).

In Outlook Web Application (OWA), when you go to People ? and click you’ll see “Create a Contact List” and “Create a Group”.

The Contact List is a personal distribution list (Zimbra group). You can create these just as you could with Zimbra.

However the “Create a Group” option is quite different and requires IT to configure. Please contact the Call Center if you feel you need a Group setup for your needs (department or project).

A “Group” is a special collaboration space that provides:
- A calendar for the Group
- An e-mail address for the Group
- A place to share files and content
- A Group distribution list
- Internal (UAEX) members only
- Ability to have a conversation with group members (via e-mail)
- A Group can be private or public
- Users can subscribe to public groups