UACES Facebook O365 - Searching the GAL for Distribution Lists (DLs)

Searching the GAL for Distribution Lists (DLs)

For a listing and description of most of the organization’s DLs, click here.

  1. Start a New Email.

    Home Menu Bar
  2. Click on To… to start the search.

    New Email screen
  3. Make sure that either Offline Global or Global Address List is shown under Address Book.
  4. Choose More columns.
  5. Enter DL in the Search field.
  6. Click on Go.

    Address Book Search Dialog
  7. You will now see most of the organization’s DLs listed in the results.

    Address Book Search Dialog
  8. Scroll through the list double clicking each DL that you want to add in the TO field of your email.
    You can highlight a DL and click on CC or BCC to add them to those fields.
  9. When done, click on OK.

    Address Book Search Dialog
  10. You are now ready to complete your email and Send it out. 

    New Email ready to send

Note: This same process works in OWA as well.

Address Book search in OWA