UACES Facebook O365 - Forwarding Contact Groups - OWA

Forwarding Contact Groups - OWA

The best way to email a group of people at the same time is to put their email addresses in a distribution list (group). If other people use the same distribution list, you may share your distribution list so that they do not have to reinvent the wheel.

1.  Select Contacts from Navigation pane.

 Navigation Pane

2.  In the Show, select the radio button for Groups, and from the list of groups select the distribution list that you want to send.

 Forward dialog

3.  Right mouse click the selection and select Forward as Attachment.

 Forward dialog

4.  In the opened email message type the email address of each recipient, fill up the subject line, and click the Send button.

Opened email message 

The person who receives the contact group should follow the following procedure to save the contact group. 

  1. Open the attachment by double clicking it and select Save.

Save & Close