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Instructions for Managers - Retrieving OneDrive\Sharepoint files from departed employees

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If an employee leaves the organization and their Office365 account is deleted, and/or their license is withdrawn, what happens with the business data in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business

This is the process:

  1. An account is deleted from the Microsoft Office 365 admin center.

  2. The account deletion is synchronized to SharePoint Online.

  3. The My Site Cleanup timer job runs, and the user profile is marked for deletion. The profile will be preserved in the database in a deleted state for 30 days. This coincides with the time that’s allocated to restore a deleted user account.

  4. If the Manager field is populated for the deleted account, the manager will receive an email message that states that the site will be removed in 30 days and that access to the site is granted to the manager.

    The email will be as follows:


    Subject:  Do you want to save Xxxxxx Xxxxx’s OneDrive for Business documents?

    Body:  Xxxxxx Xxxxx's OneDrive for Business will be deleted in 30 days. As their manager, you're the temporary owner of all documents saved to their OneDrive for Business. That means you still have time to copy important documents to another location, if you choose. Otherwise, the documents will be permanently deleted. Go to Xxxxxx Xxxxx's OneDrive for Business at

  5. Click the link in the email to go to the employee’s OneDrive\Sharepoint files. When prompted, login with your O365 credentials.

  6. You can either download individual files or, if there are multiple files\folders, you can Sync them to your computer just as you do your own OneDrive files. 
    Instructions are located here:,
    As always, if you require assistance, you can contact the Call Center.

  7. After 27 days, a second email message will be sent to the manager that states that the site will be deleted in three days.

  8. After three days, the profile for the deleted account is deleted from the user profile service. Once this step is completed, you will not be able to retrieve the files any longer, they can’t be restored.