UACES Facebook O365 Password Reset Instructions

Office 365 Registration for Password Reset

Users are now able to reset their own Office 365 (O365) passwords! This is not the same as changing your password. Reset would be used if you have forgotten your password. In order to use this feature, you will be required to have an alternative contact method registered with O365. You can use any of the following for this:

  • Cellphone (personal or work)
  • Work phone (landline)
  • Alternate email address (not email)

Click this link to access the registration site: OWA Registration Site

  • Enter your email address and click on Continue
  • Enter your email address again along with your email password (you must know your password in order to register).

The following Microsoft Azure window will be displayed. Follow the steps to complete the registration process.

You can choose the Authentication Phone method (cell or office) and\or the Authentication Email method. 

  1. Click on Set it up now.

    Microsoft Azure Password Reset registration screen1
  2. For the phone method – enter the Country info and the telephone number (with area code). Click on either Text me or Call me. Note: if you choose to use your office phone, you will need to be near that phone when resetting your password. You will need to enter the verification number that you get through a text or press the appropriate key, when called, for verification. Once you have verified the phone method you will be back at the options screen. You can continue by entering an alternate email or click on Finish.

    Microsoft Azure Password Reset registration screen2
  3. For the email method – enter an alternate email address (not your email). Click on Email me. Check your alternate email for the verification number that you will need to enter on this page. Once you have verified the email method you will be back at the options screen. 

    Microsoft Azure Password Reset registration screen3
  4. You should now see a green check mark beside one or both options. Click on Finish to complete the process. 

    Microsoft Azure Password Reset registration screen4
  5. The following screen will be displayed:

    Microsoft Azure website
  6. You are now finished! You can close this browser window.

Using the Office 365 Password Reset utility

If you need to reset your O365 password you can click on any of the help links similar to the ones below:

1)      At the OWA login page – click on Can’t access your account?
2)      At the failed login page – click on Forgot your password?

You will be presented with a screen similar to the one below:

Microsoft password reset verification

Based on the amount of alternative contact methods you entered, you will be presented with a list of options to choose from for your contact method. Choose a method, follow the prompts and your password will be reset automatically.

This is why it is important for you to enter alternate contacts within O365. By doing so, you can reset your own forgotten email password rather than having to wait on the call center to do it for you.

If you haven’t previously registered your alternate contact info, you will get the following notice:

Microsoft Azure Password Reset registration screen5

Click on the Contact an administrator link and you will be redirected to an online form, similar to the one here. You will need to fill out and submit the form in order to get your Office 365 password reset. 

Password Recovery Request Form image