UACES Facebook Adding an image to an email signature - Outlook

Adding an image to an email signature - Outlook

In order to add an image to an email signature (Extension logo, handwritten signature, club logo, etc..) you will first need the picture file saved to your computer. You can download the approved Extension logo here: UAEX Logo. To obtain a handwritten signature file you will need to scan a copy of your signature into the computer and save it in a picture format (jpg, png, bmp, tiff, etc). Alternatively, you may also draw your signature in an image editing program such as Microsoft Paint. Instructions for inserting an image in your signature in Outlook are shown below.

  1. Open Outlook and click New E-mail.

    Outlook Menu Bar
  2. Click the Signature dropdown, and click the Signatures… option.

    Signature drop down
  3. The Signatures and Stationery window appears.   Under the E-mail Signature tab, click the New button. You will be prompted to choose a name for your new signature.

    Signatures and Stationery window

    Name box
  4. Type in any text you want to appear in your signature in the New Signature text box. 
    If you wish to include a hyperlink in your signature, you can do so by clicking the Hyperlink icon.  
    To insert an image or handwritten signature, click the Picture icon next to Business Card.

    Signatures and Stationery window
  5. The Insert Picture window appears. Find the location of the saved picture (Logo, handwritten signature, etc..) in this example: signature.jpg is saved in the Picture folder. Double click on the picture to insert it into your email signature, or click once on the picture, and then click the Insert button.

    Insert Picture dialog
  6. Your scanned handwritten signature should now appear in your email signature. Change the default signature for New messages and Replies/forwards to the signature you just created. This will apply the signature automatically when you create a new email, reply or forward. Click OK when you are finished editing and your new signature will be saved.

    Signatures and Stationery window
  7. The blank email message window appears. Click Signature again and click the name of your new signature, in this example: Test Sig.

    Signature drop down
  8. The new signature, complete with the scanned handwritten signature, will appear on your new email. Any new email you create will use this custom signature until you specify otherwise.

    New email
  9. To add the Extension Logo, the image needs to be downloaded from the UAEX website – UAEX Logo.  Once the file has been saved, follow the previous steps in this tutorial.  

    Example:  Extension Logo
  10. To add any other kind of picture follow the instructions above.

Note from the Director of Communication Services:

When creating your email signatures, keep this in mind:
Because this is your official work email, we discourage any images outside of the Division logo or official Division event graphic from being used in your signature. We’ve had people inadvertently use images that are copyrighted by others (such as random clip art from the web or the Razorback logo), which puts us at risk legally.