UACES Facebook Change Your Profile Photo

Change Your Office 365 Profile Photo

  1. Login to your account at

  2. Click on the Settings menu icon.      Settings Gear Icon          
  3. Click on Office 365 Settings.

    Office 365 Settings
  4. Click on Edit Profile.

    Edit Profile
  5. Click the small camera icon on the silhouette and browse to a location where you have saved a suitable image. You can right-click on an image in the employee website directory and use the Save as option to save an image file to your computer. 

    Edit Photo - Camera Icon      Browse to file location

    Note:  Per the Director of Communication Services -
    There’s an option in Outlook to include an avatar, and I strongly encourage you to use your official portrait for that. We’ve had people inadvertently use images that are copyrighted by others (such as random clip art from the web or the Razorback logo), which puts us at risk legally. 

  6. Your photo should now be displayed.

    Menu bar showing picture