UACES Facebook O365 Setup - Outlook 2010

Office 365 Email Setup - Outlook 2010

Step 1
Go to the “Control Panel” which can be found on your start menu in Windows 7.

Control Panel
Click “Control Panel”.

Step 2
Depending on your Control Panel view (icon or category), find “Mail” in the Control Panel and left click.

Control Panel and Mail Icon


Step 3
Click “Show Profiles”.

Mail Setup dialog

Step 4
Deleting your old profile(s) 
If you have a profile already listed, click on it to highlight the name, then click “Remove”.

Deleting old profiles

Click “Yes” if prompted.

Are you sure you want to delete?

Step 5
Click on Add to begin adding your new profile.

Click on Add

You can type any name you choose. Then click “OK”.

Type a name for the new profile

Step 6
The Outlook 2010 setup wizard starts and the “Add New Account” screen appears.
Enter your name (first and last), e-mail address, and your email password.
NOTE:  If you are on the LRSO campus, your information should automatically populate the top two boxes.  The password boxes will not be displayed at this point.  When you click “Next”, the system searches for your account and will complete the process.
Click “Next”.

Auto Account Setup dialog

Step 7
Complete Installation.
A “Congratulations” screen will appear as shown below.
Click “Finish”.

Congratulations dialog - Account is now setup

Step 8
Starting Outlook
If Outlook isn’t on your “Start Menu” or “Task Bar” click on the Windows 7 “Start” button and type “Outlook”.

Type Outlook in Run box

Step 9
Right-click on Microsoft Outlook and select “Pin to Taskbar” and “Pin to Start Menu”.

Pin to Taskbar and Start Menu

Step 10
Left-click on Microsoft Outlook to start it.  In the future, you can start Outlook by clicking the Outlook icon  
on your “Task Bar” or “Start Menu”.  Outlook 2010 Icon
Microsoft Outlook 2010 Program Link

If prompted for user name and password, use your e-mail address as the username and your email password. 
You have the option to save these settings.

Windows Security login dialog

Step 11
Outlook may take several minutes to fully update your local copy of your mailbox the first time.

Outlook progress alert

Step 12
If a “Security and Settings” screen appears, choose “Install Updates Only” and click “OK”.

Security and Settings screen

Step 13:
An “Office Outlook” screen will appear similar to the one below.

Office Outlook Client

You have successfully configured Outlook 2010!