UACES Facebook Accessing a Shared Email Folder - OWA

Accessing a Shared Email Folder - OWA

Adding a Shared Folder

When someone shares a folder with you, you must manually add it to your list of email folders. There are no automatic notifications when someone shares a folder, so it is important that the sharer let the recipient know about it. Follow these steps to add a folder that's been shared with you.

1. From within OWA-Mail, right-click your name on the left side of the screen and select add shared folder from the menu. You may need to click on More under Folders to see it.

Add Shared Folder

2. In the add shared folder window, type the name or email address of the person who shared a folder with you and click Search Contacts & Directory (if you've emailed this person before or they are one of your contacts, the name should appear as you type).

Add Shared Folder dialog

3. Select the person from the list and click add.

Click on Shared Folder

4. Click the person's name that now appears in the list of email folders on the left side of the screen and any folders they've shared with you will display. Select a folder to display its contents.