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Accessing a Shared Email Folder - Outlook

Outlook allows two types of sharing:

Folder permissions: This type of sharing allows selected others to view the contents of a specified folder, but does not allow others to send email on your behalf.

Delegates: You can also designate delegates, who can have different permissions but also the additional ability to send email on your behalf. By default, a delegate has “Editor” permission on the Calendar and Tasks folders.

When assigning access permission to another user, you must assign permissions along the entire path down to the folder you want to share.

To access a shared email folder:

1. From the File tab in Outlook, select Info

File Info dialog

2. Under Account Information, click Account Settings.

3. Select Account Settings from the pull-down menu.

Account Settings dialog

4. In the E-mail tab of the Account Settings dialog, select Change.

Change Account Dialog

 5. In the lower right of the Change Account dialog, click on the More Settings button.

Microsoft Exchange dialog

6. In the Microsoft Exchange dialog, select the Advanced tab.

7. Click the Add button.

Add Mailbox Dialog

8. In the Add Mailbox dialog, enter a name or username of the person with whom you are sharing folders, and click OK to continue.

Microsoft Exchange Dialog 2

9. If the name is recognized by Exchange, it will appear selected in the Mailboxes window, e.g.,

10. Click Apply and then OK.