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Differences between Zimbra and O365

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Launch email
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create email iconCreate & send email

Zimbra allowed you to create a new message by clicking the Mail tab, then clicking New Message.
  1. Select the Mail app.
  2. Click New Mail.
  3. Enter recipients (start typing name, then click Search).
  4. Compose message and click Send.

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Refresh icon

Refresh email

To refresh your mailbox in Zimbra, you click the Refresh icon or click the Inbox.
  1. Click the Inbox or click the gear icon, then click Refresh.

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 Action Items icon

Action Items

No such feature. This app works with your mail. As you read your email, you will be notified of "Action Items."
Click Action Items to see what they are. You can disable it at any time in the Settings menu> Manage Apps.
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 Reply icon


Zimbra Reply was done by simply clicking the Reply button, entering your reply, and clicking Send.
  1. Click Reply. Enter other recipients or type your reply and click Send.
Forward icon


Zimbra allowed you to forward one or many email messages to other recipients. Office 365 allows you to forward one message at a time.
  1. From a mail folder (Inbox or other), click the checkbox next to the Sender's name.
  2. Right-click to select Forward. You can only forward one message at a time.

Tags icon Using tags/categories

In Zimbra, you use Tags to categorize your email or calendar appointments. In Office 365, Tags are called Categories.
  1. With an email message open, click the "..." (3 dot) menu, or right-click.
  2. Click Categories and choose the category for the item.
  3. You may create new tags. You cannot rename the original color tags.
 Signature icon

Create signature

If you had one or multiple signatures in Zimbra, they were not migrated. You must recreate it in Office 365. In Office 365, you can have one signature.
  1. Go to the Settings menu and click Options.
  2. Click Shortcuts, then click Add an email signature.
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Calendar iconCreate new calendar event Zimbra allowed you to create a new appointment, all-day event, meeting and repeating meetings. You can do the same in Office 365.
  1. Click the Calendar app.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter the Event title, the location, and the attendee's names. To see free/busy, click the Scheduling Assistant. The attendee's schedules appear in columns. Find and select the time where everyone (or most) is available.
  4. Click Save.
 Meeting iconRepeating Meetings Zimbra allowed you to create custom repeating meetings. Office 365 also allows you to create repeating meetings.  
  1. Click the Calendar app.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter the Event title, the location, and attendees’ names.
  4. Select a Start date, Show As (status), calendar to put it on, and pull down the Repeat menu.
  5. Select an option from the list.
  6. Enter the From: start date and the To: end date.
  7. Enter information in the body of the message (including video conferencing details if necessary).
  8. Click Send.
    You can modify any of the recurrences without disrupting the series.
 Share calendar iconShare Calendar Zimbra allowed you to share your calendar with special permissions. Office 365 allows you to do the same.  
  1. Right-click your calendar name or click the Share link at the top right of the calendar screen.
  2. Enter the name of the person you want to Share with in that field.
    The Subject defaults to “I’d like to share my calendar with you.” You can edit that if you’d like.
  3. Select the Calendar you want to share and click Send.
 Contacts iconCreate contacts Zimbra allowed you to create contacts and contact groups. It also allowed you to create multiple address books that contained contact groups inside. Office 365 allows you to create contacts and contact groups.  
  1. Click the People app.
  2. Click New.
  3. Select from Create contact, Create contact list, Create group, or cancel.
    (Contact list allows you to make a contact group like Zimbra. Enter a list name and add the members. Creating a group provides a space for shared conversations, files, and a group calendar.)
 Tasks iconCreate tasks Zimbra allowed you to use Tasks to create "To-Do" lists. Tasks were not associated with the calendar. Office 365 allows you to create tasks that can contain a reminder of the due date, repetition, track total work hours, etc.  
  1. Select the Tasks app.
  2. Click New task.
  3. Enter the Subject, Due date, and click Show details.
  4. Enter a Start date, Date complete, Status, % complete, Priority, and even set a reminder and click Save.