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Calendar Views - OWA

What you’ll see in Calendar

After your Inbox, the calendar is probably where you’ll spend the most time when using Outlook Web App. You can view your calendar four different ways: DayWork weekWeek, and Month.

Quickly view event details

You can choose any event in your calendar to see a quick view of that event.

An event that you create shows you as the creator and includes a link to edit or delete the event.

Event details

A meeting that you’ve been invited to shows the organizer and includes links to respond to the invitation. If the organizer includes an online meeting invitation, you’ll see a link to join the meeting.

Event details 

Day view

The day view is most useful if you have a busy schedule, or if you want to view multiple schedules side by side. The controls remain the same, only the view has changed.

Week view

Week is the default view when you first visit your calendar in Outlook Web App. You can change the default to Day,Work week, or Month by using the options in the upper-right corner.

Week View

      1. New event. An event can be an appointment, a meeting, or an all-day event.
        Choose New Event to create a new event.
      2. Calendar. Use the calendar in the folder pane on the left to go from one date to another. Shading indicates the period you’re currently viewing, and darker shading marks the current date.

        TIP:  You can use the left or right arrow to collapse Left arrows or to expand Right arrows the folder list which is in the left pane.
      3. My calendars. You can view more than one calendar at a time. Under My calendars you can create other calendars, such as a calendar to use for a specific project or to track personal appointments. You also can add other people’s calendars and select which to display. If you select multiple calendars to display, they’re merged into a single view and each calendar is given a different color.

      4. Day Nav bar. You can use this area to go from one day to another. Choose any date to jump to that date. Or use the arrows at either end to see the dates before or after those displayed.

      5. Main pane. Calendars are displayed in the main pane. To create a new appointment, double-click an open time slot on the day you want.

      6. View options. Choose the view you want, and share or print your calendar.

Month view

The month view can appear very crowded. To make it more usable, there’s an agenda displayed for the selected day. If you don’t see the agenda on the right you can turn it on. Click on View tabTo-Do Bar icon, and check Calendar.

Month View 

      1. Current date. Darker shading shows the current date.

      2. Month. Lighter shading shows the selected month.

      3. Day. Shading shows the selected day and the arrow in the lower-right corner shows there are more non-displayed items there are. Double-click or double-tap an item to open it. You can create a new event for any date by double-clicking or double-tapping in an open time slot for that date.

      4. All-day event (colored white).

      5. Agenda. The agenda for the selected day. You can create a new item on the current date by double-clicking or double-tapping an open time slot in the agenda.