UACES Facebook Calendar - Schedule A Meeting - OWA

Schedule A Meeting - OWA

A meeting is a calendar event that you send to other people. You create a meeting the same way you do an appointment, but you invite attendees and may add a resource such as a conference room.

  1. Choose  New event   and add a title and location. 
    Choose a start time and duration, and adjust the time of the reminder notification if you need to.

    New event dialog

  2. Choose Add attendees + and choose the people you want to invite from your contacts list

    TIP:  You can use the Scheduling Assistant if you want to make sure everyone is available for the time you chose. If your organization supports it, you can also use the Scheduling Assistant to reserve a conference room or other resource.

  3. (Optional) You can make this a recurring meeting by choosing an option in the Repeat list.

  4. Select Online meeting to insert a meeting link and other online details.

  5. Add a message for the meeting participants, and then choose Send to send the invitation.