UACES Facebook Office 365 Email - Browse & Join Collaboration Groups

Browse & Join Collaboration Groups

You must login to OWA in order to browse and join the public collaboration groups.

Image of Groups menu






Once you login to OWA, click on Browse under Groups on the left. On the right you can view the different groups. Click on each to get more details.

group images



If you find a group you are interested in, click on Join. You don't have to join to read the conversations or look through the calendar and files. However, if you want to be notified when emails are sent to the group or received by the group, you will need to join. 





You can easily view the Group calendar from within OWA but, in order to view the group calendar from within Outlook, you need to join the group. You can add the calendar to view it from within Outlook. Choose Calendar -> Add Calendar -> From Address Book. Make sure you are looking in the Global Address Book and not the Offline Global Address Book.