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Arkansas Employee Assistance Program (AEAP)

The Arkansas Employee Assistance Program (AEAP) is a benefit provided at no cost to you by the Cooperative Extension Service because we are committed to the well-being of valued employees. The program is designed to assist in the identification and resolution of employee problems that are adversely affecting job performance. AEAP provides counseling, information and referral (if indicated) for employees and their immediate family members.

Three employees having a conversation
The AEAP is:

  • Short-term, solution-focused counseling
  • Individual coaching sessions typically 30-45 minutes in length
  • Offered by telephone or at several locations throughout the state
  • Accessed without using your annual or sick leave
  • Completely confidential
  • Free

AEAP sessions (telephone or office visit) during working hours using official Extension time are coordinated through your supervisor, so this is a less confidential process than sessions scheduled outside working hours when your supervisor would be unaware of your use of AEAP services.

For an appointment during working hours, you must submit an EBEN-327, Request for Leave, form and obtain your supervisor's approval in advance. If the session is held at the AEAP offices, you are required to bring a return-to-work slip from the AEAP to your supervisor. With this procedure, there is no reason to record the AEAP session on the classified employee timesheet or Banner leave report as it is considered documented official time.

Arkansas Employee Assistance Program

Freeway Medical Building
5800 W. 10th Street, Suite 601
Little Rock, AR 72204

Phone: 501.686.2588    Fax: 501.686.2576
Toll Free: 800.542.6021