UACES Facebook Financial Services Templates for the U of A Cooperative Extension Service

Financial Services Templates 


Banner Related

Non-Extension Banner User ID Request (FINANCE-210)

Budget Related

Budget/Cash Transfer Request (FINANCE-216)

Fund Number Request (FINANCE-217)

Journal Entry Request (FINANCE-218)

Notice of Lost Check, Affidavit of Forged Check (FINANCE-226) 

County Related

County Carryover Special Purchase Authorization (FINANCE-314)

County Depository Account Monthly Reconciliation Form FINANCE-401

County Funds Appropriations (FINANCE-215)

County Operating Account - Budget Worksheet(FINANCE-402)

Cooperative Extension Service Gift Disclosure Form

County Financial Review Checklist

Inventory (Capital Assets)

Off Extension Property Form (M.I.S.C.-373)

Property Transfer Form (M.I.S.C. – 374)

Low Value High Risk Inventory Template


Furnishing Meals or Refreshments (FINANCE-204)


Mileage Chargeback Worksheet (TRAV - 308)

Payroll Related 

Direct Deposit Authorization Form (FINANCE 224)

Division Time Sheet - Banner (Excel) - (see templates in PMGS 97-4 in the Personnel tab) 

Division Time Sheet - Visually Impaired Version only - (see templates in PMGS 97-4 in the Personnel tab) 

FMLA Leave Used Report - (FINANCE-202)

Monthly Certificate of Service (FINANCE-200C)

Payroll Deductions for Credit Union (FINANCE-225)

Payroll Deductions for 4-H Foundation (FINANCE-313)

P-Card Related

Purchasing Card Application (PURCH-400)

Purchasing Card Log (PURCH-302)

Receipt Form (PURCH-903)

PCard Receipt Form

Purchasing Related

Authorization to Pay under Blanket Purchase Order (PURCH-307)

Blanket Purchase Order Request Form (PURCH-303)

EFNEP Purchase Justification Form (PURCH-331)

MOA Template

Purchase Request for Inventory Items (PURCH-304)

Request for Qualifications (PURCH-308)

Request for Qualifications:  Tax School (PURCH-309)

Request for Refund (Online Form)

SNAP-Ed Purchase Justification Form (PURCH-332)

Reimbursement Requests

This link  below will take you to our POLICIES page.  In the first section under Division of Agriculture, click on the Agricultural Development Council; then click on the pull down arrow on the right and under Forms, you will find the Payment Authorization Form: ADC Payment Authorization Form

Request for Reimbursement  (PURCH-330)

Request for Reimbursement Justification (PURCH-330b)

Sales Log

Daily Sales Log (FINANCE-403)

Travel Related 

Airline Reservation Request Form (TRAV-231)

Certificate of Liability Insurance (EHIRE-206)

Corporate Sponsored Department Travel Card Application (TRAV-400D)

Travel Advance Agreement TRAV-224 

Estimated Cost of Moving Expenses (PURCH-306)

In-State/Out-of-State Travel Reimbursement Form  (TRAV-207)

Itinerary (TRAV-305)

Moving Expense Reimbursement (TRAV 207 M.O.)

Out-of-State Trip Application (TRAV-210)

Request Special Travel Authorization (TRAV-213)

Request Use of Extension Van (TRAV-204)

Travel Authorization for Non-Extension Employees and Guests (TRAV-229)

T-card application (PURCH-400)

Vehicle Report Worksheet (TRAV-308)


Special Events Related

MISC 377

MISC 378