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Arkansas State Contract Items & Resources

Arkansas State Contract Items

The state Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) has established contracts with specific vendors for a number of items to help us get the best price available.  Some commonly used state contract items are stocked in the warehouse.  Any items under state contract may not be purchased from any other vendor. Currently, the following items are on state contract:

  • Air conditioners and heat pumps
  • Lawn Care Equipment
  • Bathroom Tissue and Paper Towels
  • Office Supplies
  • Business cards (printed in C E S Print Shop)
  • Printed Index Tabs
  • Copiers, leased
  • Stock Continuous Paper
  • Computers
  • Custom Continuous Forms
  • Custom Snap-out Forms
  • Tires
  • Envelopes, Printed and Plain
  • Vehicle Rentals
  • Lamps (light bulbs) and Ballast
  • Xerographic and Print Shop Paper
  • Letterhead Envelopes

For additional information regarding these contracts, visit the DFA, Office of State Procurement (OSP), State Contracts website.   

Office Supplies

Goddess Products, Inc. is our mandatory office supplies state contractor.  All office supplies will be purchased from Goddess Products, Inc.  The State of Arkansas selected Goddess Products Inc., in partnership with Office Depot, to provide our office supply needs.  Goddess Products has provided a Quick Reference Guide , FAQ's,   How to Shop and   How to Return  for additional information.  

Because of our relationship, supplies can be ordered directly from Goddess Products without submitting a requisition.  New employees should contact Jo Ann Fish in Purchasing to receive your Goddess Products log-in ID, password, and account number.

When you receive your order, please check to see that all items included on your packing slip were received. Each month you will receive a summary of your orders for the previous month. You should review the summary to ensure that the order charges agree to the orders you received during that month. Unless you inform Accounts Payable of any discrepancies, the total charges on your summary will be paid to Goddess Products and charged to your budget (or grant funds where appropriate). Therefore, it is important to have this review done in a timely manner.

Office Supplies Exception: Some items such as copy paper and envelopes remain on separate state contracts and are stocked in the warehouse.  To place an order from the warehouse, click here.


Dell Computers

The Office of State Procurement (OSP) also has contracts with multiple computer vendors.  The Extension Service normally purchases Dell computers for compatibility and standardization of our network systems.  

Dell has established a web site that you may use to get a quote for the standard computer you want and customize it to your needs. To further ease the process, Dell has set up this site as an auto register site, meaning you do not need an ID or password to log in.


To access the auto register site:

  1. First, go to the auto register site.
  2. Select the Customize or Add to Cart link next to the system you want. If you choose Customize, select the upgrades you need with the system and then select Add to Cart.
  3. Select Save as E-Quote.
  4. Complete the contact information and select Burl Scifres as the buyer from the drop-down.
  5. Select Continue.
  6. If your zip code crosses county lines, you may be prompted to select your county.
  7. That’s it! Your E-Quote will be e-mailed to you and the buyer. Use this quote number when entering your requisition into Banner.
  8. Print the E-Quote and attach the quote to a Requisition Routing Slip (be sure to include the requisition number). Forward all of this information to the Purchasing Office in Financial Services.  If a computer system configuration changes or the price increases significantly, Purchasing will contact you for approval before completing the order.

 NOTE: The e-mail you receive will tell you to go to the  site and log in to view your E-Quote. You actually need to go to the auto register site so that it will skip the log-in requirement. 

Anyone desiring to purchase another computer brand must contact the Director

of  Information Technology Department for approval. 


Other items requiring special consideration

Contact your Purchasing staff for information pertaining to the following special consideration items:

  • Automobiles/Trucks
  • Professional and Consulting Services
  • Technical Services
  • Construction and Capital Improvements
  • W-2 Continuous Forms
  • Constitutional items (printing and stationery supplies)
  • Leases
  • Computer Hardware/Software
  • Data Processing Equipment


Memorandum of Agreement Template (for procurement of services)


MOA Instructions