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Extension Requisitions & Purchase Orders (POs)


Purchase Requisitions

Any goods or services purchased outside the Cooperative Extension Service require a completed on-line requisition using Banner Webforms (Banner INB); or, if you are purchasing items to be added to stores inventory, a Purchase Request Form PURCH-304.   (NOTE:  This form is not used to order items from the warehouse inventory).  

When completing a Banner requisition, you should provide as much information as possible to ensure that your request is properly filled, including multiple vendor information, if known, and specific information regarding the items to be purchased. Complete a separate on-line requisition for each vendor, if required.

Once you have completed an on-line requisition, your immediate supervisor will normally approve it in Banner, but depending on the fund and organization codes, it may be someone else who has responsibility for the specified funds.  Larger dollar requests require additional approvals from Administration.  For the PURCH-304 form, the approval chain is described on the form itself. The initiator of the requisition will receive an electronic PDF file of the purchase order via Outlook email once the purchase order has been completed and approved.  If you need additional information, refer to the policy guide. 

To connect to Zoom for requisition and Goddess Products online instructions, contact Jo Ann Fish at 501-671-2296.

Purchase Requisition Instructions for APPROVER

Online Requisitions

The Financial Services office has implemented an on-line requisitions enhancement to the Banner accounting system. Online requisitions allow us to completely remove the paper document from the process and allow us to transfer those requests throughout the organization electronically.

To learn how to enter online requisitions go to First you will need to obtain the login and password information from the Instructor for In-Service Training at 501-671-2130. After logging in locate the search course box, search for requisitions, and complete the course.

Any questions regarding online requisitions contact Purchasing. 

Purchase Requisition Status

Purchase requests are processed in the order they are completed and then approved in Banner Webforms.  Processing time can vary depending on the volume of requests and the type of request.

Quote Bids

The Arkansas Purchasing law allows open market purchases up to $10,000.00 without any bids provided the price paid is reasonable.

For purchases over $10,000.00 and up to $50,000.00 three quote bids are required. Bids should be taken by a qualified member of the purchasing staff. Quote bids should be obtained in writing and can be accepted by fax and email.

Purchases over $50,000.00 require that seal bids be taken by the purchasing department. Seal bids must be advertised and must be opened at specified time by purchasing staff. 

Blanket Purchase Orders & Invoices

Blanket purchase orders are issued for small dollar purchase needs of an immediate, though non-recurring nature.  State contract items, constitutional items, biddable items, and capital equipment purchases are not allowed against blanket orders.  

Purchase Request: Use the Blanket Order Request Form (PURCH-303) to request issuance of a blanket purchase order.  

Invoices: When submitting invoices for purchases against a blanket order, a Blanket Order Authorization Form (PURCH-307) along with any receipts or invoices should be forwarded to the Financial Services office for payment.

Finding Vendors

Need help in finding out where to buy electronic items or in checking out specifications for such items and what is available? Try the following websites:

For the latest in digital video projectors:

 PCard Registration

 MOA Template

MOA Template

Important notice: As allowed under the Federal Register dated December 19, 2014, UACES has elected to delay implementation of the procurement standards outlined in 2 CFR 200.317 through 200.326 and will continue to comply with the procurement standards outlined in OMB Circular A-110 for Awards subject to the Uniform Guidance until July 1, 2017.