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Welcome to the Financial Services Department!
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The Financial Services Team is committed to providing courteous, accurate, efficient, and professional customer service. We are determined to remain flexible enough to respond to changes from within the organization and the environment in which we operate. We are committed to providing timely and accurate information that will allow all levels of management to make prudent financial decisions. 


Not sure who to call or contact?

Click on Who To Call for a list of Financial Services personnel, the areas in which they work, and their contact information. 

Financial Services

Financial Services is responsible for many diverse areas such as purchasing and contracting, accounts payables, travel reimbursement, employee compensation and benefits, cash and asset management activities, and budgeting. To learn more about a specific area, click on one of the links.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable & Travel

Information about paying regular vendor invoices, completing travel documents, filling out a personal reimbursement form, and questions relating to p-cards (procurement) and  t-cards (travel).

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Accounts Receivable

The A/R department handles all invoices sent out on behalf of the Cooperative Extension Service.  If you need a miscellaneous invoice created, please contact our department.

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Budgets & Eprints

Find information and screen shots to help you understand your Eprint budget reports.  Also find information related to your travel budgets. 

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Capital Assets

Information on capital assets, the responsibilities of financial managers, categories of equipment, and asset inventories.

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Cash Management

The Cash Management department helps with direct deposit questions, publication orders, printing checks, and miscellaneous credit card transactions.  Additionally, you will find information for the county checking accounts and Quicken.

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Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions relating to Eprint reports, purchasing, and spending guidelines. 

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Helpful Resources

Ever feel like you don't know which direction to turn?  This page will provide you with resources to answer your questions and  point you in the right direction.  

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The Payroll Department processes all employee paychecks and can answer questions relating to deductions, employee leave records, time/leave entry and approval and employment verification requests from lenders.

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The Purchasing Department will assist you with your questions about requisitions, purchase orders, state contract items, and leasing, negotiating, or selling items.  

Special Event Procedures

Special Event Procedures

Information on what meets the classification of a Special Event, and the steps that need to be followed to ensure all CES Special Events are registered correctly.