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Cash Management at UACES

Cash Management is responsible for: 

  • Printing and distributing accounts payable and payroll direct deposits and checks
  • Updating direct deposit records
  • Providing support to the county offices regarding their county checking accounts, Quicken, and related activities
  • Processing publication orders and other miscellaneous credit card transactions
  • Maintaining and distributing the UACES Spending Guidelines
  • Coordinating bank-related activities for UACES (including deposits, collateralization, investments, etc.
  • Reporting on, drawing down funds, and monitoring the Federal Smith Lever (FSL) appropriation for compliance
  • Managing State appropriated funds and processing reimbursement requests
  • Maintaining Position Control records within Banner

Cash Management Team

Sherry Sanchez


Sherry Sanchez

Cash & County Accounts & Position Control Manager

Processes checks, updates direct deposit records, provides support to county offices, coordinates bank-related activities for UACES, manages State appropriated funds and processes reimbursement requests

Cooperative Extension Service
2301 S. University Ave.
Little Rock, AR 72204-4940
Phone: (501) 671-2178 



Fiscal Support Specialist-Cash Management 

Processes publication orders and credit card transactions and provides support to Cash Manager

Cooperative Extension Service 
2301 S. University Ave. 
Little Rock, AR 72204-4940 
Phone: (501) 671-2173


Vickie Hale


Vickie Hale

Fiscal Support Specialist - Quicken  

County Accounts and Quicken Support & Reporting


Cooperative Extension Service 
2301 S. University Ave. 
Little Rock, AR 72204-4940 
Phone: 501-671-2050


Direct Deposit

Have you ever made a frantic dash to the bank to deposit your paycheck and arrive just as they lock the doors or dug through your mail for the third time on payday before finally realizing that the post office has done it to you again? If so, then direct deposit may be the answer for you. With direct deposit, your paycheck is automatically credited to your bank account on payday - no waiting, no worrying, no hassle.

To sign up, simply prepare a Finance-224 and send it to the Financial Services office along with a voided blank check. This form is also used to change or stop your current direct deposit. 

As a condition of employment, all new employees are required to sign-up for direct deposit for travel/personal reimbursement and payroll.

 Setting Up or Changing Your Direct Deposit Bank Information Instructions (PDF)

Lost/Misplaced Checks

Have you ever lost or misplaced a payroll or travel check or had your dog decide it was his dinner and mangle it beyond repair?  If so, please contact Cash Management by phone at 501-671-2178  or by email at to initiate the lost check paperwork so that your check can be reissued. This would also be a good time to set up your direct deposit so that you could get your funds faster and wouldn't have to worry about that paper check in the future.

 To set up direct deposit, please complete the Finance 224 form and send it and a copy of a check on your bank account to:

 U of A Cooperative Extension Service

c/o Cash Management

Financial Services Department

2301 South University Avenue

Little Rock, AR 72204


Official Payroll Stubs

Do you need an "official" copy of one or more of your pay checks (payroll check stub) for a home loan, etc? Send an email to indicating which pay stub(s) you need, where you would like the pay stub(s) sent, and a daytime contact number where you might be reached.  Pay stubs can be mailed or faxed, but cannot be emailed due to security reasons.


Spending Guidelines

Have you ever wondered what funds can be used to purchase certain items or pay for certain expenditures. For instance, "Can I buy a microwave for my office with my Maintenance and Operations funding?" The “Spending Guidelines”  document lists the different types of funds and most of the allowable and non-allowable expenditures on those various types of funding. While this list does not contain every type of expenditure you might consider, it does list the most common. If you are considering an expenditure that is not listed, please contact Cash Mangement by phone at 501-671-2061 or by email at  or Jessica Smith by phone at 501-671-2045 or by email at to get further clarification.