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Arkansas County Bank Accounts

The "County Quicken Accounts Procedures Manual" provides information on the way the county Quicken (petty cash) accounts operate. The manual also presents acceptable uses, disallowed transactions, and proper controls over cash management of receipts and disbursements with regard to the county Quicken accounts. In addition, the manual provides detailed instructions (with illustrations) on how to record transactions on these accounts in Quicken, how to create and upload the monthly Quicken reports for Financial Services, how to reconcile the Quicken accounts to the bank statements, and how to back up the county Quicken files.

County Cash Procurement Agreement

Procedure for Procuring Cash for County Events

Spending Guidelines

Financial Guidelines for 4-H and Master Gardener Groups 

Sales Tax Calculator

County Depository Account Monthly Reconciliation Form (FINANCE-401) 

County Financial Review Checklist

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