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Personal Reimbursement Requests

In some instances, you may purchase items directly and submit an invoice for reimbursement. Requests for reimbursement       (PURCH-330) must be submitted by authorized Extension staff members.  

  • Reimbursements can only be made to the person who actually paid for the items.  The Receipt will need to show itemized list of purchases made including payment type and payment amount.
  • Extension staff members may be reimbursed for the purchase of materials used solely for carrying out Extension work.
  • Personal Reimbursements, other than for personal travel, are allowed only if the item is inexpensive and could not reasonably be purchased through the CES requisition process or via a CES P-Card.
  • Remember that all state purchasing regulations must be observed when making any purchases.  For more information on the state purchasing regulations, contact the Purchasing Department.
  • Individuals may not receive reimbursement for the purchase of any items included on a state contract.  
  • State contract items change frequently so you should contact the Purchasing Office prior to making any purchases.
  • In addition, the Federal Smith-Lever Act and CES policy prohibit the purchase of certain items.  For a list of those items, review the Policy Guide and the Spending Guidelines.
  • If your reimbursement is over $250, please attach a completed PURCH-330B (justification).
  • For all food items, a FIN-214 (if food is for meals or refreshments), PURCH-331 (EFNEP justification), PURCH-332 (SNAP-ED justification) or brief description of the demo purpose is required.
  • Individual Memberships can be included on indirect funds (13XXX).  Justification memo approved by supervisor must be attached.

  • The purchase of seasonal greeting cards and similiar commodities are not reimbursesable.