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Cooperative Extension Service Warehouse

Picture of the CES warehouse main docking door

Marketing and Redistribution

Property Disposal Form MISC 374D must accompany all returned items.

Arrange furniture or equipment pick ups by calling the Warehouse at (501) 671-2250.

Furniture Relocation

Contact Facilities Management regarding furniture moving in the LRSO or furniture returns to the Warehouse.

Equipment or furniture moves from one department or County office to another will need MISC 374 filled out and submitted prior to the move date.

Publication Orders

Publication orders are processed and shipped either by USPS or FedEx Ground.

Publication orders that exceed $25 will need supervisory approval. 


LRSO recycles the following products:


Toner Cartridges

Clear Plastic Bottles


Aluminum Soda cans.

The Recycling Bins are found on the loading dock.

Shipping and Receiving 

For information regarding Shipping and Receiving, contact the Warehouse at (501) 671-2316. 


Supply and publication orders are only received through the online ordering system.

Quarterly supply orders are done in January, April, July, and October.  Please note the Month of June is inventory time for the warehouse and orders will not be processed until inventory is complete.