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Cooperative Extension Service Motor Pool

Image of a white truck in a parking lot

Extension Vehicles

Extension vehicles are available for official business purposes only. All occupants in Extension vehicles should be traveling in conjunction with official business purposes for the University of Arkansas. See  Use of Extension Vehicles policies for use and maintenance information.

Monthly Vehicle Reports

Reports are  completed and returned to Facilities Management no later than the 5th of each Month.

Vehicle Hang Tag Identification 

Facilities Management will issue a Vehicle Hang Tag Identification upon completion and submission of form MISC 395 or by using the Employee Vehicle Database (login required).

State Vehicle Maintenance

Please refer to policy manual.

State Vehicle Accident 

If you are in an accident in a state vehicle, contact Facilities Management immediately at (501) 671-2275.Form MISC 110 must be completed upon your return.

Van Request 

Van requests must be made by calling Facilities Management at (501) 671-2254 prior to submitting form TRAV 204.

Photo of a white van in the CES parking lot