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Publication No. Title Primary Author
  SEPTEMBER 2020  
FSA6153 Planning for Financial Risks Associated with Using sUAS in Agriculture James Robbins
FSA6154 An Introduction to Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) Aaron M. Shew
FSA2191 Management of Italian Ryegrass in Agronomic Crops Thomas R. Butts
MP512 (Revised) Revenue Trends of County Governments in Arkansas, 2000-2017 Wayne Miller
FSA2190 Calibrating Turf Hose Reel Sprayers Jason A. Davis
FSCED8 (Revised) Highlights of Revenue Trends of County Governmnents in Arkansas, 2000-2017 Wayne Miller
 FSFCS157 Healthful Eating, Mediterranean Style, for Overall Health and Wellbeing  Debra Head
FSA3153 Trends in Arkansas Cattle Markets: Estimates of the Premium for Preconditioned Cattle James L. Mitchell
  AUGUST 2020   
FSA3151 Planting Oats for Forage John Jennings
FSCED20 Arkansas State Sales and Use Tax  Wayne Miller
FSA9901 Food Safety Modernization Act Produce Safety Rule: Microbial Water Quality Compliance  Erin E. Scott
FSA59  Timing the Final Irrigation Using Watermark Sensors Chris Henry
FSA58 How to use Watermark™ Soil  Moisture Sensors for Irrigation Chris Henry
FSA57 How to Prepare, Test & Install  Watermark™ Sensors Chris Henry
FSA2189 Using the Web Soil Survey: An Online Tool from the USDA   Pearl Webb
 FSA61 Brassicas for Forage   John Jennings
  JULY 2020  
FSA9800 (Revised) The Food Safety Modernization Act Produce Safety Rule Amanda Philyaw Perez
FSA60 Surge Irrigation Chris Henry
FSA1097 Safety Advice for Arkansas Producers During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Throughout the Year  Sammy Sadaka


Livestock Health Series: Ringworm in Sheep and Goats Chelsey Kimbrough


How to Conduct a Seed Germination Test at Home  John Jennings
  JUNE 2020  
FSA3150 Livestock Health Series: Coccidiosis in Sheep and Goats Chelsey Kimbrough
FSA9542 Struvite: Definition, Benefits, and Potential Application in Arkansas Agriculture Niyi Omidire
 FSA9540 Recognizing, Understanding and Treating Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs)   John Pennington
  MAY 2020  
 FSA2188 Distribution and Management of Herbicide-Resistant Palmer Amaranth in Arkansas Thomas R. Butts
  APRIL 2020  
MP558 Arkansas Common Cucurbit Problems Sherrie Smith
FSA1095 Austrian Winter Pea as a Winter Cover Crop Trenton Roberts
FSA1096 Prevention of Suspension Trauma from Harness Use  Sammy Sadaka
  MARCH 2020  
FSA9539 Using the NRCS Water Quality Index (WQIag)  Andrew Sharpley
MP556 Aquatic Vegetation Control in Arkansas George Selden
  FEBRUARY 2020  
MP468 Arkansas Common Landscape Problems Sherri Sanders
FSA51 Arkansas Irrigation Grant West
FSA52 Arkansas Surface Water Irrigation Grant West
MP557 Forage Herbicide Quick Reference Guide John Boyd
FSA9112 Carcass Disposal of Feral Hogs in the Field Rebecca McPeake
FSA54 Economic Contribution of Agriculture to the Arkansas Economy in 2017 Leah English
MP467 Arkansas Small Fruit Management Schedule 2020 Sherrie Smith
MP144 2020 Insecticide Recommendations for Arkansas Glenn Studebaker
MP154 2020 Plant Disease Control Products Travis Faske
MP44 2020 Recommended Chemicals for Weed and Brush Control L. Tom Barber
FSFCS127 Arkansas Foods: Bingo Set Lindsey Sexton
FSPPC115 Arkansas' Cottage Food Law: What the Law Allows Kristin Higgins
FSA9111 Electric Fence Designs for Deterring White-tailed Deer Becky McPeake
AG803 Livestock and Forage Record Book Shane Gadberry
CES405 Individual Cow Performance and Progeny Record Shane Gadberry
FSA1094 Tips on Examining the Accuracy of On-Farm Grain Moisture Meters Sammy Sadaka
COMM01 2020 UAEX Desktop Calendar Publications
FSA1093 Layer Drying of Grains and its Potential for Rough Rice Drying Sammy Sadaka
MP555 2018 Assessment of Feral Hog Activity in Arkansas Rebecca McPeake
JULY 2019
FSA1092 Preventing Grain Dust Explosions Sammy Sadaka
FSA6152 Sunscald on Trees James Robbins
FSA9624 Hoof Rot and Hoof Scald in Sheep and Goats Lea M. Brewer
FSA9625 Bloat in Small Ruminants Lea M. Brewer
JUNE 2019
FSA2186 Weed Control in Arkansas Watermelon Production Matthew Bertucci
FSA1091 Basics of Heating with Firewood Sammy Sadaka
MAY 2019
FSA2187 Optimum Preflood Nitrogen Applications in Rice Trent Roberts
MP544 Herbicide Resistance Traits: Quick Reference Guide Thomas R. Butts
FSFCS105 Healthy Fast Food: Healthy Meals in 30 Minutes or Less Debra Head
APRIL 2019
FSA6114SP Envío de Muestras de Plantas para el Diagnóstico de Enfermedade Sherrie Smith
FSA2185 Metolachlor Herbicides:What are the Facts? Thomas R. Butts
MARCH 2019
MP547 Honey Bee Health Jon Zawislak
MP553 Forestry Herbicide Prescriptions Kyle Cunningham
FSA35 Estimating Arkansas Farmland Values Based on Historic Index Numbers Scott Stiles
FSA3132 Trichomoniasis in Cattle Heidi Ward
FSFCS102 Ketogenic Diet: What is it? Jamie Baum
FSFCS103 What is the Nutrition Facts Label? Jamie Baum
FSFCS104 Fact Versus Fiction: Determining if what you are Reading About Nutrition is True Jamie Baum
MP551 Rural Profile of Arkansas Wayne Miller
MP154 2019 Plant Disease Control Products Guide Travis Faske
MP44 2019 Recommended Chemicals for Weed and Brush Control L.Tom Barber
MP144 2019 Insecticide Recommendations for Arkansas Glenn Studebaker
MP467 Arkansas Small Fruit Management Schedule 2019 Sherrie Smith
FSA9538 Flooding Can Contaminate Your Well Mike Daniels
FSA3136 Tips for Feeding Horse During Drought Mark Russell
MP543 (Revised) Significant Timeline Events for Small Unmanned Aircraft  Systems (sUAS) 1926-2017 Jim Robbins
FCS-382 3rd-5th Grade EFNEP Survey Katy Campbell
FSA7581 Guava Root-Knot Nematode (Meloidogyne enterlobii),  a Potential Threat to Arkansas Sweet Potatoes and Other Crops Terry Kirkpatrick
FSA9623 Lesser Scaup Predation on Arkansas Baitfish and Catfish Farms Anita Kelly
FSA2156 Understanding Cover Crops Trenton Roberts
COMM01 2019 Calendar Mary Hightower
FSA6097 Greenhouse and Nursery Series: Growing Media for Container Production in a Greenhouse or Nursery – Part I – Components and Mixes James Robbins
FSA6099 Nursery, Greenhouse, Landscape Series: Ornamental Horticulture Businesses: Licenses James Robbins, Paul Shell, Ples Spradley and Ronald Rainey
MP510 Evergreen Hedges or Screen Plants for Arkansas James Robbins
JUNE 2018
AG1307 Rice Stink Bug: When Control Is Necessary in Grain Sorghum Aaron Cato/Gus Lorenz
FSA49 Arkansas Specialty Crop Profile: Nursery and Greenhouse Industries Leah English/Jennie Popp
FSA6055 Nursery Series: Starting a Wholesale Nursery – Part I James Robbins
FSA6056 Nursery Series: Starting a Wholesale Nursery – Part II James Robbins
FSA6098 Greenhouse and Nursery Series: Growing Media for Container Production in a Greenhouse or Nursery – Part II – Physical and Chemical Properties James Robbins
FSA6126 Landscape Trees for Specific Uses James Robbins
FSA6128 Landscape Series: Planting a Tree or Shrub James Robbins
FSPPC115 Arkansas’ Cottage Food Law: What the Law Allows Kristin Higgins
MP310 Hollies for the Home Garden James Robbins
MP543 Significant Timeline Events for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) 1926-2017 James Robbins
MAY 2018
FSA50 Arkansas Specialty Crop Profile: Turfgrass Industry Leah English/Jennie Popp
FSA6061 Irrigation Water for Greenhouses and Nurseries James Robbins
FSFCS43 Build Your Savings Laura Hendrix
FSFCS52 Achieving Financial Goals Laura Hendrix
APRIL 2018
FSA3147 Forages for Horse Grazing Dirk Philipp
FSCED17 (replaced FSPPC113) Arkansas Property Tax: A Local Tax Supporting Local Services Wayne Miller
FSFCS41 Managing Credit Laura Hendrix
MARCH 2018
FSA9537 Nutrient Concentrations in Big Creek Correlate to Regional Watershed Land Use James Burke/Andrew Sharpley
FSFCS40 Money Traps That Keep You Broke Laura Hendrix
FSFCS54 Credit Repair Laura Hendrix
FSFCS55 Credit Reports and Credit Scores Laura Hendrix
MP391 Beef Cattle Nutrition Series: Part 3: Nutrient Requirement Tables (2018 Revised) Shane Gadberry
MP519 2018 Row Crop Plant-Back Intervals for Common Herbicides Tom Barber
AG1306 What You Need to Know To Successfully Use Viruses for Control of Corn Earworm in Soybean and Sorghum Joseph Black/Gus Lorenz
MP546 Controlling Mice and Rats Becky McPeake
FSA49 Arkansas Specialty Crop Profile: Ornamental and Greenhouse Industries Leah English/Jennie Popp
FSA1068 Water Use Patterns Differ Between Pad and Sprinkler Cooling Yi Liang
FSA3146 Livestock Health Series: Pregnancy Diseases in Sheep and Goats Chelsey Ahrens
FSA2139 General Traits of Forage Grasses Grown in Arkansas John Jennings
FSA3025 Common Arkansas Plants Poisonous to Cattle John Jennings
FSA3052 Principles of Silage Making John Jennings
FSA3102 Livestock Health Series: Reproductive Prolapses of Cattle Heidi Ward


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